Ray Albiento

High School: St. Joseph Notre Dame Alameda, Ca.
Year: 1981
College: CSUH Bachelors of Science Sports Medicine, CSUEB
Masters of Science Kinesiology, St. Mary’s College Teaching Credential
Lived in Bay Area: 40 Years
Years Coaching: Sports Medicine – 16 yrs.
Years Coaching Campo: Sports Medicine = 10 years at Campo
Prior Training Experience:
Sports Medicine = CSUH Men’s Basketball
Stanford Football, Cal Men’s Basketball
Chabot College Football
Spouse: Nicole Albiento, Registered Nurse
Children: Son Jayden (5) and daughter Bella (3)
In his free time when not coaching football: Family road trips
Position Head Athletic Trainer/ Sports Medicine Instructor
Seasons Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016